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Text Based

Customer Services Team 
  • CheckWebchat 
  • CheckWhatsApp Bussines, Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM Integration
  • CheckSMS
  • CheckE-Mail
  • CheckChat Reporting
  • CheckCRM


Customer Services Team
  • CheckInbound Call Management
  • CheckAdvanced Agent & Queue Reports
  • CheckInstant Monitoring Panel (Status Panel)
  • CheckEmbedded Webphone and Integrated CRM
  • CheckAdvanced IVR
  • CheckVoice Recorder - Voice Mail
    CheckVPOS – Credit Card Payment


Tele- Sales Teams
  • CheckPreview, Progressive ve Predictive Dialer
  • CheckEmbedded Webphone and Integrated CRM
  • CheckAdvanced Agent & Campaign Reports
  • CheckAdvanced IVR
  • CheckVoice Recorder - Voice Mail
  • CheckCampaign Management & Reports
    CheckVPOS – Credit Card Payment


Customer Services & Tele-Sales Teams​
  • CheckINBOUND all features
  • CheckOUTBOUND all features



360 Degree Customer Experience
  • CheckBLENDED all features
  • CheckTEXT BASED all features
  • CheckRequirements Management


All plans start from 3 licenses, for ownership option, please contact us

Compare the options

Description Text BasedInboundOutboundBlendedOmnichannel
TegsoftCRM Features
Basic IVR features -
Advanced IVR features -
Creating Custom Surveys - NPS Scoring
APIs for 3rd Party Integrations
Inbound Management -Optional
Free-of-charge IP PBX User Licenses -3503507001500
Call routing via time conditions -
Defining and mangaging conference rooms -
Call Detail Reports (CDR) -
Voice recording -
Voice reports and analytics -
Voice mail -
Integrated Webphone -
CTI Popup Functionality
Creating IVR trees -
Queue Management -
Agent Management
Web based Agent screen
Agent Performance Reports
Agent & Skill Reporting -
Manual Outbound Features -
Preview Dialer Features --
Progressive Dialer Features --
Predictive Dialer Features --
Campaign Management --
Voice Campaign Reports --
Agentless IVR Campaigns --
VPOS and Payment Systems Integrations -
Requirements Management ----
Tegsoft Telescope Mobile App
Accessing online education (e-learning) materials
Accessing online support materials
Chat Reporting ---
E-mail Campaigns ---
SMS Campaigns ---
Speech Recognition -OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Speech Analytics -OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Softphone -OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
UCClient -OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Videocall ----
Speech to Text (Integration is included, credits must be purchased) -OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Text to Speech (Integration is included, credits must be purchased) -OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Quality management -OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Screen Recording OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have question? Read this section below to get your mind clear.

When you make a purchase, you have the right to use the license for a lifetime. This means you can continue using it for as long as you want. As for cloud payment, the licenses will still belong to Tegsoft. Instead, we will offer it to you as a rental service. With the cloud payment or rental method, you can pay it monthly. When you make a commitment, we offer a lower discount price and you are not affected by price increases during the commitment.

In the on-site rental method, your system is located at your local location. Our technical team will install the Tegsoft system inside your server. If you do not have an existing server or the necessary resources to install in VMWare environment, you need to make a hardware investment. In cloud, we will provide the entire infrastructure. You will not incur an increased cost from the extra server. If you have an internet connection and a phone line, you can easily use the system.

When you make a purchase, you get a free 1-year system update service. After that, there is an annual maintenance and support fee that you have to pay yearly. As a manufacturer, Tegsoft is constantly developing new features and applying system updates. We recommend you to get the annual maintenance and system support package to enjoy these very useful features.

When you make a purchase, you also get a 1-year system update service. Then there is the annual maintenance and support fee that you have to pay each year. As a manufacturer, we are also constantly developing new features and applying system updates. In order to take advantage of these features, we recommend that you purchase the annual maintenance and system support package.

You can make an external call through the Tegsoft inbound package manually. If you do not buy the outbound module, you will not be able to use the auto search options. If you want agents in your call center to receive calls from their GSM numbers, we can make your relevant GSM number to the Tegsoft system by defining the relevant call greeting arrangements.

First of all, our customer needs to get approval by WhatsApp. Companies need to have approval from Facebook for the WhatsApp integration. After the approval process, you will then get the WhatsApp service integrated.

We are working with one of the service providers for Whatsapp, Infobip, in Turkey. In this process, Infobip will help you.

Facebook Business Manager ID is required for account approval. A request will be sent to these IDs, and information will be given about account approval upon acceptance. After the account is approved, the management of the contract processes with Infobip will start and the account will be activated.

This is a process wherein we have very little influence. After your account approval process, the process that will take place on our side will be as follows: The WhatsApp Business service you will receive from Infobip syncs with Tegsoft's webchat module. So, you should be receiving both WhatsApp and Webchat.

Webchat side can be taken by both purchase and rental method. However, WhatsAppBusiness can only be purchased using the rental method. (Webchat is a live chat module embedded in the Tegsoft system. The customer representative can receive calls from Facebook messenger, Whatsapp Business and live chat on the website on a single webchat screen.)

All of these features are available when the end-user starts a conversation (free form messages). Both the company and the user can send and receive media contents + location.
If the company will start the conversation, it can only send text messages.

Yes, you can. We have a wide integration network. Tegsoft has a flexible structure that can easily be integrated. We have integrated our software with many global companies such as Microsoft dynamics, Zendesk and Zoho. You can access our document on integrations through our API link (document describing how a software company can integrate with Tegsoft). To integrate the Tegsoft software with your own that you already use, a connection should be made with the parameters defined in the Tegsoft API documents. Apart from this, for cases where IVR development is required, after the analysis, software development project is issued and priced. 

Here in Tegsoft, we manage your call center communication with all communication channels (with written channels).

Therefore, you can continue to use your current business applications.

We have made our own call center application you can integrate within your applications. You can review our integration parameters with this API document ( You can access this from our website and make it suitable for us to connect with your own applications. Thus, we can help the agent see information you want in your business applications with the screen pop up during the call.

When you confirm the start of the demo process, our authorized business partner starts your demo transactions by contacting you. As a result, you can use our system free of charge for 14 days.

If the lines you currently use are not IP, we can direct you to one of the operator companies that provide voice services with whom we develop business. In general, voice operator companies only charge your outbound calls.

We provide our cloud service over IBM Cloud. You can start using the Cloud system in just 2 hours without any server or infrastructure service charges. Your data is heavily secured in IBM Cloud through end-to-end encryption. When you want to terminate the system, your data is safely delivered to you.

Yes, you can integrate your own CRM and use it. If you wish, you can also use Tegsoft's embedded contact CRM.

Yes, our system is web based. You can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can take a look at this link for our integrations. page

Tegsoft Academy provides training to users, free of charge. Planning the training is done with our training coordinator. There are two ways of training: face to face or remotely. Distance education takes place in the form of E-Learning or video conferencing. After Tegsoft Academy has made the necessary definitions, you can access the E-Learning / Distance Education documents via

You can reach our training portal at and download the training documents in pdf form for free.

Pricing is based on the agent count. You can increase or decrease the number of agents any time.

There are 4 call center service packages offered by Tegsoft. Inbound package to meet incoming calls, Outbound package for outgoing calls, Blended package with both Inbound and Outbound calls, and the Multichannel (SMS, E-mail, Webchat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Demand Complaint) package.
Thanks to the flexible structure of Tegsoft, the other module can be easily added to the package you bought. To use a module, you do not have to purchase all of Tegsoft's license packages together.
Pricing is made per the module you use and the number of usage (e.g., you just selected Inbound and want to use the SMS module). You do not need to buy a Multichannel package for this. In addition to your Inbound package, we price SMS as a standalone module. You don't have to pay for features you don't use.

You can contact us at [email protected] or you can view our authorized business partners and contact our business partners via the link below.

We provide technical support through our authorized business partners. 

• You can submit a request from the "Request Demo"

• You can review the product features 

• You can access our sectoral solutions and customer experience videos 

• You can access technical documents 

• You can watch our video to learn more about Tegsoft: 

• You can find our references here. 

You can leave a demo request on our website or email [email protected].
Once processed, we can start the demo process. You can use it – free of charge – for 14 days through our business partner, which we will authorize for you.

• Click the Login button in the upper-right section of the website.
• Click the I forgot my password link in the Login field on the page that opens.
• In the screen that opens, enter the e-mail address subjected to password changing and click the send button.
• After this process, an activation mail is sent to the specified email address to change the password. Click the Reset Password button.
• After clicking the Reset Password button, a new password is determined according to the specified rules on the web page opened.
• After making the change, a notification will be sent via e-mail.

We have 3 sales models: purchase, rental and on-site rental. When you make a purchase, you permanently own it. You can use the system by paying monthly with the on-site rental and cloud rental method. We provide the entire infrastructure in the cloud system and can install it in just 1-2 hours. Here, we work with IBM Cloud. Your data is stored on the IBM Cloud infrastructure through end-to-end encryption. With on-site rental, the cost is the same. For this reason, we recommend Cloud because the Cloud system is much more advantageous for you.

You can start using our Tegsoft Telescope application, where you can follow the call center dashboard, from your IOS and Android phones.

You can start using our Tegsoft Telescope application, where you can follow the call center dashboard, from your IOS and Android phones.

Yes, we do provide live chat service with Webchat. Webchat can be rented or purchased as a standalone module. If you want, you can also use Webchat by buying or renting our social media package on Facebook and Twitter. When you receive a call from Webchat, a chat screen is opened on the agent screen and a conversation with the customer is made on this screen.

For sending SMS and Email, you should get this service from the Service Provider company that provides these services. The list of companies that provide SMS and E-mail services that can be integrated with the Tegsoft software are as follows:
Posta Güvercini          
TTMESAJ (Türk Telekom)
Ajans İletişim              
Smartmessage (ODC) 

(For Outbound): SMS can be sent according to the result codes of the campaign calls or survey calls made in Tegsoft with the SMS module. 
(For Inbound): You can listen to messages on IVR to your customers waiting in the queue or send an informative SMS.
You can obtain detailed and summary SMS reports on SMS based on different criteria, such as Survey Type or Campaign Name, within the specified date range in regard to the SMSs sent and edited.

We give licenses to agents depending on how many are simultaenously logged into your system.

In other words, if you have shift-working agents, your total number of agents working in one shift is licensed (e.g., you have 30 agents in total. But they work in 3 shifts. Then, licensing is occurring through your 10 agents working simultaneously in 1 shift).

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