Connect with
Your Customers

Through Video Calls


Tegsoft VideoCall is a solution that
enables businesses to engage in
real-time video calls with their
customers. With Tegsoft VideoCall,
businesses can provide faster and
more effective service to their customers.                                                           










Customer Satisfaction

The benefits provided by Tegsoft VideoCall
to businesses are as follows:

Increases customer satisfaction: Real-time video
calling helps customers establish a more personal
relationship with businesses.
Enhances efficiency: Enables businesses to provide
faster and more accurate service to their customers.
Reduces labor costs: Reduces the need for businesses
to have a physical representative present in branches.





 Fast, Secure


Tegsoft VideoCall is a flexible solution that
can be tailored to the needs of businesses.

The features of Tegsoft VideoCall include:

  • User-friendly: Tegsoft VideoCall has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Secure: Tegsoft VideoCall keeps your data safe and secure.
  • Fast: Tegsoft VideoCall ensures high-quality video and audio.





Who Can Use It?

Tegsoft VideoCall can be used by
businesses of different sectors and
sizes that require video calling.






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Increase your customer satisfaction,
boost your efficiency, and reduce your
labor costs with Tegsoft VideoCall.






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