Elevate Customer Satisfaction:
Call Center Quality Management
and Screen Recording


Your call center is one of the most critical points
where you directly communicate with your customers.
Therefore, optimizing this communication using call

center quality management and screen recording is
vital to elevate customer satisfaction to its peak.










Interaction Tracking

With the quality management feature, interactions
between customer representatives and customers
are monitored, evaluated, and reported in call centers.

Quality experts score calls based on criteria such
as industry policies, legal standards, and company
policies while listening to call recordings.





 Improved Processes


With quality management, you can:

  • Monitor representative performance
  • Improve processes
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Guarantee consistency
  • Increase productivity





Full Control at Every Step:
Integrated Screen Recording Solution

Record all interactions in your call center instantly and
comprehensively to gain full control and enhanced performance.

All channels supported by your Call Center System
(Incoming/Outgoing Voice Calls, Webchat, Whatsapp,
Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and other instant
messaging channels) can be recorded.






With Screen Recording


  • You can resolve issues more quickly by visually demonstrating them.
  • You can communicate better with your customers.
  • You can increase transparency.






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